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New Jersey Litigation Attorney

Throne Law provides litigation services for individuals, small businesses, landlords, and real estate professionals. We handle litigation matters related to landlord-tenant disputes, contract disputes, and other disagreements that cannot be involved without legal intervention.

However, we don't take every case that walks in the door. Before we decide to represent a client, we want to first make sure that we will be able to provide the absolute best representation and service so that we can achieve the results our clients expect and deserve.

If you are facing a legal dispute arising out of a real estate transaction, a breach of contract, or a business dispute, we encourage you to call our offices to discuss the specific facts of your case. From there, we can help you determine whether or not Throne Law is the best law firm to represent you and your case. If we are able to add value to your case, we will lay out a plan of action to help you successfully resolve your dispute in court.

What Should You Look For In A Litigation Attorney?

At Throne Law, we believe that to be truly effective in representing our clients, we need to take the time to understand who they are and their goals.

From the outset of a case, we will look for ways in which we can help resolve a clients' issue outside of the courtroom. Litigation can sometimes take on a life of its own. Litigation is time consuming. Litigation is expensive. Litigation is stressful. Before going to court, we will look at every way we can resolve a client's issue without litigation.

Still, litigation is sometimes necessary. When it is, you need an attorney who will aggressively pursue your case and advocate for you. At Throne Law, we have over 25 years of experience fighting for our clients inside and outside of the courtroom. We will make sure that every avenue to resolve your dispute is explored so that we can reach the best possible outcome for your case.

What Sets Throne Law Firm Apart?

Unlike other litigation law firms, Throne Law will first try to resolve legal disputes without the need for litigation. Although we have successfully litigated cases for our clients, we recognize that litigation is not always in the clients' best interest. It can be expensive, time consuming, and stressful.

That being said, litigation can be an effective tool for achieving successful results. When litigation becomes necessary, Throne Law works diligently to get the results that our clients want and deserve. We keep our clients' goals in mind throughout the process, keeping them informed and helping them make the best possible decisions for their case.

When Should You Hire A Litigation Attorney?

We believe that litigation should only be pursued when a dispute cannot be resolved amicably through negotiation or mediation. Still, it is important to speak with an attorney that has litigation experience and can advise you on the merits and weaknesses of your case.

At Throne Law, we sit down with you, talk about your specific situation, and help you determine an appropriate course of action. Contact Throne Law today to speak with an experienced litigation attorney. 


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